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Nicely Evolved is a digital service firm located in the heart of Tysons. We build websites that get you noticed and help you reach your business goals.

Web Design

We do more than make pretty designs. We focus on the design aspects of traffic conversion so that your website becomes a means of reaching the long term goals of your business.


Our specialized tools give us the data we need to optimize your site and improve the visibility of your website. Search Engine Optimization makes it easier for people to find you.


We build beautiful dashboards out of all your web and business data that are easy-to-read and answer all your questions, allowing you to take action toward your business goals.

Our Thoughtful
Process & Workflow.

Our strategic workflow ensures the most efficient use of your time and resources.

We meet with you and discuss the goals of your website, run a site audit and develop a plan for implementation.
Once your site is optimized for search, we continually test and monitor the results and help you reach your goals.
Clickable live wireframing quickly enables you to see what we’ve put together and A/B test.
Our websites are hosted on our servers and we provide routine updates, back-ups and maintenance.
We design for form and function so that your key information is easy to find and utilize.

Monthly reports let you track and measure growth and give the information to make strategic changes.

Customization and personalization allows your website to stand out from the competition.
Customization and personalization allows your website to stand out from the competition.

About Us


Every second of every day there are over 63,000 searches on Google. Everyone is competing for the attention of your customers. What will help you stand out?

Information is the key. Using specialized tools, we can help sift through the data and find the missing pieces that will help you to break through the noise and be seen and heard by your customers.

Stringing those bits and pieces together creates a total picture giving you clarity on your situation. When you have all the information you need then it is easy to take action and realize your business goals.

Nicely Evolved, led by creative founder, Jessica Maleski, is a woman-owned web services studio located in the center of Northern Virginia near Tysons Corner.

What can we help you build?

Client satisfaction is what we do…


Kristen McGuire - Author

Jessica Maleski really understands how to grab people’s attention and prompt more “clicks” – and she also has the ability to listen really carefully to your ideas, and then help you understand what you need and the technology that can help you do it. She doesn’t mind criticism, and just works until it looks right to for your company. She is a self-motivated person, and consistently surprises me with what she is able to do!


Melanie Rigney - Author

Jessica was a joy to work with, start to finish. She produced a wonderful wrap-up video that skillfully interspersed speakers and conference attendee scenes, truly capturing the event’s atmosphere. During the event itself, she provided calm, confident support amid the venue’s equipment challenges, and was unobtrusive as she was shooting non-stationery scenes. Jessica is a true pro, with a servant’s heart and a passion for excellence.

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